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Heritage Stonemason Steve Walker repairi

Local Heritage Stonemason Steve Walker


Our goal is to bring life back to this spectacular example of early village life and to bring fire back to its two forges. 

A combination of restoration with some repair and replication has begun to reinvigorate this heritage gem. As a rare 1860 stone shop in its original rural setting, this building is a valuable piece of Ontario history. The Committee is careful to be sympathetic to the spirit and purpose of this historical space. 

To date, the Committee has completed a full restoration of the facade with local heritage stonemason Steve Walker and an accurate repair and reconstruction of the primary forge. In 2018, the fire was lit, and local artisan blacksmith Tony Moore forged the first tools in the shop for over 60 years. 

Inventory of the thousands of artifacts is an ongoing task and we look forward to further projects including the second forge, replicating the original doors and a new roof. 

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