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James Lynes Sr.

James Lynes Sr.

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A Note in the Blacksmith Shop

"Call at the House - James Lynes"


The history of the Lynes Blacksmith Shop is the history of a way of life, a family, a town and a county. The Lynes Shop was a hardworking forge and carriage works from 1883 until 1955 when the doors were shut for good. The building was left undisturbed for the next 60 years. 

James Lynes Sr. and his son James Lynes Jr. are the two generations of blacksmiths whose story we are trying to tell. The story of their families is a story of industry, of resilience and of inevitable change.


The youngest son of James Lynes Jr., Doctor Frank Lynes admired his father and grandfather for making their living with strong blackened hands and skill. Frank wished that his homestead be protected for future generations and shared with his hometown of Kenilworth and all parts beyond. 

In the most generous of gifts, Frank Lynes donated the Shop and all its properties to the Township of Wellington North. The determination of his daughter Krysia Lynes and the Lynes Blacksmith Shop Committee made this a reality in 2017. 

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